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Hello Fellow Adventures!  Most of my life has been filled with adventures from Hiking with three thousand  Caribo in the Brooks Range of Alaska to Searching for my lost Ancestors in Scotland and Nova Scotia to Kayaking  in the Bering Sea and Dog Mushing up the Iditarod Trail.  I've been a Gold Miner, Commercial Fisherman, Journalist, Remote Cabin Builder, Taxi Driver, Chef, Manager of  Radio Station KSDP in the Aleutians Singer/songwriter and an Artist.

 I was gifted my first pair of leggings by a dear friend and I have been in love with them ever since.  My problem has been that they just weren't colorful enough.  So after checking out every legging store on the internet  and not finding what I wanted I decided to design my own line of Athletic wear called "ARTLETICS!"  You Body is a Wonderland!  Don't just clothe it, Adorn It!  Take advantage of our Grand Opening and our 35% Discount on all items in the store.  Just add code word Ladyacbeth77  at check out for your discount.  We are also looking for models.  When you receive your Artletic take a picture and send it to us.  If we pick your photo to feature in our store we will send you a coupon for Twenty  Dollars off your next purchase.

 Get your Cute On and Show us what you got!  We will also be offering Music Downloads of our Album "Alaska Girls Rock."  the prelude to My upcoming Novel "Penelopie's Secret."  You can also check out our Blog for Exercise and Eating tips for a healthy lifestyle.  Share your fitness and eating tips with us and we will share them with our members.  Unlike some Athletic Sites  we will not try to rope you into becoming a member by charging you for a membership fee or take money out of your bank account if you decide not to buy every month.  Just come on in, grab a cup of tea and have fun.

 Any suggestions?  We will be glad to hear them. Special requests? Let me know.  Returns and exchanges are welcome as long as the merchandise is acceptable for return and returned within thirty days.  So have fun and enjoy we will do our best to make this the most exciting and energetic shop in E-Land.  Love You!  Hugs and Blessings!

Be Loud On The Cloud!

Welcome To The Adventure that is "Lady MacBeth's Castle."  Body Art Leggings and Athletic Wear.  One of a Kind creations by Lauretta MacBeth.

Dress Loud. Let them know you just walked into the room.

Mix and match our colors and designs.  Make a statement that things are never boring when you are around.  Make a splash without making a sound and join us on this wonderful adventure called  life.

"Iditarod Husky" from the Musical Novel "Penelopie's Secret." By Lauretta MacBeth

A Naughty Angel, A Book of Secrets, A Prince Named Phillip, A Paris Wedding, and the Alaska Rock and Roll Shopping Adventure of your Life!
A Book of Secrets, Rock and Roll, Fashion! and Shopping!


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